Four Kenyan coffee brands are among the top 30 most sought after by coffee lovers in the world. Announcing its list of the world’s rarest Top 30 Coffee for 2015,’s editor and lead taster Kenneth Davids said that the analysis took place in the United States since all the tasting facilities and 27 of the best coffee roasters were based there, with the other three roasters being based in Canada, Taiwan and China.

Kenya Gachatha AA, sold under the brand name Klatch Coffee, scored 96 points, clinching the fourth position, behind Panama’s Finca La Mula Panama Geisha (97), Ethiopia’s Nekisse Red N2 Level 39 (96) and Nicaragua’s Vidita Los Congos Pacamara Natural (95) respectively.

Other Kenyan brands mentioned were Kenya AA Kigwandi Estate, sold by Willoughby’s Coffee and Tea (95), at position 10, and Nyeri Peaberry, sold by Topeca Coffee Roasters (95), at position 14.


The report added that the winning brand, Geisha, a rare Ethiopian-derived botanical variety of coffee that boasts elongated beans, had a distinctive floral and chocolate taste that made tasters grant it 97 points, with many describing it as immense, sweet, juicy and intricate.

Mr Davids said the global best coffee brands were selected after a careful analysis based on quality, value, distinctiveness and uniqueness of style, certifications such as fair trade or organic, and general rarity.

Interestingly, all roasted coffee brands appearing on the list were grown in 11 different countries, notably Panama and Ethiopia, which produced six coffees each, Kenya (four), Nicaragua, Columbia, Costa Rica and Sumatra (two each).


The report lamented that lack of local roasters and local tasting facilities in Kenya, among other countries of origin, saw hundreds of jobs exported to the United States, which boasts advanced tasting facilities and accomplished brewers who have developed their tasting techniques over a long period of time.

In another category, the highest-rated espressos, Kenya AA Lot 125, alias Queen Flora, scored 95 points while Lot 122, alias Excalibur Espresso, scored 94 points and were both roasted and sold under the brand name Simon Hslelis Aroma Roasted Coffees.

Kenya Nyeri Kiama FCS from Ichuga factory scored 95 points and was classified under the highly rated coffee category together with Kenya Thageini and Kenya Kigutha AA, which settled for 94 points.

Kenyan coffee brands are mostly used for blending with poor coffees due to their highly revered taste that usually attracts premium prices.