NAIROBI County will soon embark on construction of a multi-level car park at the multipurpose ground opposite Electricity House, following closure of bids for the project yesterday. This is after the county obtained approval last month from Treasury’s public private partnership unit to proceed with plans to build the car park which will have 3,800 slots as well as commercial retail space for rent.

The site earmarked for the project is located at the junction of Taifa Road and Harambee Avenue and is sandwiched between Reinsurance Plaza, Uchumi Supermarket, Electricity and Jogoo House.

Most of the time, primarily weekdays, it serves as a parking lot although sometimes its cleared for special market days and skating events.

“A private party will be expected to design, finance,build and operate the mixed-use car park facility for a period of 15 years and transfer it back to the county government upon expiry of the concession period,” said the county government in a tender notice.

“The construction of the car park is expected to take two years while operations will take 13 years.”

Under the deal, the private operator will be expected to pay a concession fee to the county government.

The project is expected to ease parking problems within the CBD where most motorists suffer lack of enough available car park areas.

Bidders were expected to demonstrate capacity to raise at least $60 million in addition to having a capital of at least $30 million as proof of capacity to execute the mega project.

Private contractors eyeing the deal are also expected to have previously done projects in which they completed at least three multi-storey buildings, two car park projects involving a minimum 4,000 slots and two major commercial developments within an urban set up.