President Barack Obama ‘s family tree reaches from his father’s tiny Kenyan village to the White House in a single generation. The president’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama ,was born and in Kendu Bay ,Western Kenya ,in 1895 (the family grave in Kogelo village says 1870)

The Kenyan Obama’s in Kenya.

Sarah Onyango Obama

Step-grandmother-Third wife of Obama’s grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama.

Said Obama

Half –uncle – Son of Sarah and Hussein.

Yusuf Obama

Half-uncle- Son of Sarah and Hussein.

Malik Obama

Half-brother –Son of Kezia, Barack Senior’s First Wife.

Auma Obama

Half-sister – Daughter of Kezia and Barack Senior.

Abo Obama

Half-brother – Son of Kezia and Barack Senior.

Bernard Obama

Half –brother – Son of Kezia and Barack Senoir.

George Obama

Half-brother- Son of Jael Otieno and Barack Obama Senior.

Kezia Obama

Barack Senior’s First Wife.

Jael Otieno

Stepmother – Barack Senior’s Fourth Wife.

Ruth Ndesandjo

Stepmother – Barack Senior Third Wife.

Mark Ndesandjo

Half-brother- Son of Ruth Ndesandjo and Barack Senior.

Maya Soetoro-ng

Half-sister– Daughter of Obama’s mother Ann Dunham.